Our Process

It starts with research. Gaining insights and locating areas of opportunity are the fundamental framework that guide each experience at Studio KMD. Armed with a well-defined understanding of the specific needs of a project, we formulate a solution that is both timely and effective. We employ iterative design principles that focus on quickly generating concepts that can be tested and refined, thus eliminating potential problems early in the project. Because our process is not linear, projects typically cycle through following stages multiple times until the best solution is realized.


Research and observation: This fundamental stage is crucial to the success of a project. Understanding the needs of the users is the foundation for good design.

Concept exploration and development: This phase of the design process casts a wide net, exploring every option, feature, or configuration to arrive at a group of concepts. Using fast paced, low fidelity expressions of the concepts, we can quickly and inexpensively determine a path toward a solution.

Prototyping and Testing: After extensively exploring multiple solutions and their viability, it is time to narrow the focus and begin making detail oriented prototypes that can be tested and refined.

Refinement and Detailing: As the project develops into this next phase the focus is directed on refinement of the concepts. Good design is all about the details.

Realization and Implementation: Whether it’s a product, system, or experience, the KMD team will be there until the end to make sure every detail is as it should be. We will prepare you and guide you through each stage of the manufacturing process. Whether you are looking for small production run or large scale manufacturing, we can work with your existing network or help you find new partners to meet your needs.