Building Innovation

At KMD, we build the far-out concepts that lead to true product innovation.
We live in the shadows where softgoods, hardgoods, and electronics meet so your products and concepts can come to light.

Make it Real

Our process is centered on physical prototyping. This methodology allows us to unlock insights around form, functionality and manufacturability in parallel.

Our workshop blends prototyping of hardgoods (plastics, wood, metal), softgoods (textiles, sewing, lamination), and electronics (microcontrollers, firmware, and physical computing). Our workshop is built not only to create new ideas but also to create new processes—if the machine doesn’t exist, we can build it!

Building Blocks

Our team draws from experience in wearable electronics, consumer electronics, IOT, apparel, and footwear development. Our goal is to use this diverse portfolio of experience to help generate long-lasting, collaborative relationships with our clients and our manufacturing partners.

Let’s Get Started

Reach out and share your vision. We can help tackle any stage of the process, from concept development to design for manufacturability.

How to find us

Our studio and workshop are located right over the Walt Whitman Bridge from Philadelphia in Gloucester City, New Jersey.
Visits are by appointment only. 


Join Our Team

We are growing and need some more hands on deck. Click here to view the job listings.